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About last night...

So anyways, i said that i'd talk about the show...

The show last night went really well for the most part. "Unforgiven" was Sooo much better! But i didnt do "Get Low" as well cuz Militch was standing in the wings of the stage telling me to pull up my pants cuz they were falling down and i like blanked out. lol... but yeah.

Anywho...Around intermission, Ms Militch comes up to me in tears, and i was like OMG whats wrong?! and she took me into the "green room" (its actually red lol), saying that Lauren M.'s mom came up to her and attacked her and was like "You are teaching the girls to be sluts and whores" and "I can't wait to see MY daughters dance" and this shit. And she's like sobbing and trying to tell me what happend. And i'm like "omg its ok" and shes like crying on my shoulder. So anyways..

here's some backround on Laurens mother...She is an alcoholic, gets drunk every night and passes out on the couch, she yells at Lauren for absolutly everything, even when shes done nothing wrong...she has a VERY very short temper, and she is very rude alot of the time to Lauren and to Lauren's friends...We carpool with Lauren to dance, so i know...and i've seen it happen...

On with the story... So anyways, at that point i am feeling really bad for Lauren because Lauren felt like she had to apologize to Ms Militch for her mother, and Lauren is backstage sobbing uncontrollably, because she is so embarressed and outraged at her mother. and i'm in the green room with Militch crying with her, because i felt so bad for her, because she was scared shitless that she was going to get in trouble by the board of ed. for her dances...even though they are really not bad at all.. i dont even know what Lauren's mom is talking about. So then after ms militch was under control, i went to go find Lauren or Britt and i found Britt first, and i was like "Where's Lauren" and Britt didnt know but she was like what wrong and i was like "militch is backstage fucking crying because lauren's mom is such a bitch" and i was like tears because i was so mad at her mom...So i went backstage with Britt because she needed to borrow some lipstick, and Lauren was in the dressing room sobbing..and ugh. Her mom is really SUCH a fucking bitch, you have no idea. I feel so bad for Lauren. And then Team is onstage dancing to "Pass That Dutch" by Missy Elliott and at one point in the song it says like "...pain in my rectum" and Militch starts freaking out and shes like almost crying again and i'm like "Whats wrong, calm down" and shes like "they just said rectum" like freaked out. And i'm just calm down i dont think Lauren's mom is going to say anything to anyone (She threated to, but i really dont think she would, she always makes empty threats)... But yeah... That was my night. Aside from all the drama Lauren's mother caused, the show went really well.

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