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Some people really piss me off.

Ok this week is Tech. week for dance at school (Dance company and Dance team have to stay after school from 2-8pm every night), and today at rehersal around like 6-ish Sammy gives some bullshit excuse about how she and the rest of the girls on team that go to C&C (5/9 of them) have to leave at 6:30 because "They get really pissed when we miss ballet" and her and Militch got in a big argument about it, and sammy was all like yeah "We have to be loyal to our studio too". All of this is total bullshit... 1) C&C does NOT get "really pissed" when you miss ballet...hell i skip ballet all the time an no one says anything. 2) C&C has no problem if you miss a class if you have a lagitament (sp?) reason, and i told Carrie and Erin that i wouldn't be at C&C this week and they said it was perfectly fine. That pissed me off SO much, because i would SO rather be at C&C learning my dances i need to learn for competition in Feb. than be at school untill 8pm rehersing dances for the show on Friday & Saturday... But nooo... And i'm sure atleast 50% of the reason Sammy wanted to leave was because she wanted to fuckin see Pat. fuck that. It's not fair. Me and Hallye had to stay and everyone at C&C was fine with it. But nooo Sammy, Erica, Mandy, Amy and Allison get to leave. I go to the SAME fuckin studio as them. That is total bullshit. I wanted to say something right there but i thought it would be better to keep my mouth shut. I'm so going to tell Militch either tomorrow or Wed. that Sammy blatently lied to her, because that is such bullshit. Argh i'm so pissed off. Because i'd rather be at C&c too, but i dont give some lame bullshit excuse to get out of it.
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