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can u take me thereeeeeee *singing*

Well today comes the end of Thanksgiving vacation... *sob* I dont wanna go back to school. Oh the countdown for Christmas vacation begins... 23 days and counting.

Me, My mom, Chrissie (my aunt) and Britt went to go see Love Actually the other night...aside from the porno scences (yeah kinda uncomfortable sitting next to mom during that lol), the movie was SO cute! It made me cry... i wanna see it again :p ...."With any luck by next year, I'll be going out with one of these girls:{{pictures of beautiful supermodels}}, But for now, let me say without hope or agenda just because it's Christmas (And at Christmas you tell the truth), To me, you are perfect
and my wasted heart will love you until you look like this:{{picture of mummy}}...Merry Christmas."

aw that part made my cry so was just so sweet. I want a boyfriend.
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