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Meg's journal...

18 March
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My name is Meghan, and i'm 15. I'm a Sophomore at South River HS. I dont like it because of all the racism and rednecks there are there, but i dont really have a choice. Umm... I like music. Actually i love music. All kinds except country and classical. I'm a dancer, and i'm very dedicated to it. You wouldn't understand- no one does, so dont try to understand. I compete in a whole shitload of talent competitons and i love it. I love nothing more than being onstage dancing my heart out. The band Hanson rocks my socks- And i don't care what you think about them. Because i like them. So ha. I have a huge crush on this guy Pat, who i've been dancing with for a long time, but unfortunetly he has a girlfriend, so yeah nothing is going to come out of this, but hey- a girl can dream. If you have anything to say, say it. Dont talk behind my back because i HATE that with a passion. I also hate being nagged. So dont nag me. If you wanna bitch at me- get a life, find something else to spend your time on. THANKS its been nice; adios.