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i hate my mom

i fucking hate my mom.


DanceWithMe663: because i was making hot chocolate in the microwave and it accidentally overflowed and she started yelling at me that i didnt know how to make hot chocolate and how im such an idiot because i make it the "wrong way" and how i'm wasting paper towels cleaning it up, and what am i supposed to do, leave it there?!?! and as i speak she is attacking everything i do, and calling me stupid and stuff and i cant take it anymore
DanceWithMe663: :'(
AutumnSkys23: AW!
AutumnSkys23: i love u !
DanceWithMe663: and i cant even breathe right now cuz im crying so hard
AutumnSkys23: ur not stupid at all !
AutumnSkys23: i do that all the time!
DanceWithMe663: shes such a fucking control freak
AutumnSkys23: dont let it get to ya , ur cool lol
DanceWithMe663: lol
DanceWithMe663: thanks
DanceWithMe663: god i hate her so much
AutumnSkys23: lol yeah iknow the feeling
DanceWithMe663: and shes like yeah you have no friends, and your sister is better than you and all this shit
DanceWithMe663: she's such a fucking bitch
AutumnSkys23: WHAT?!
DanceWithMe663: shes so immature
AutumnSkys23: THATS CRAZY
DanceWithMe663: :'(
AutumnSkys23: why would she say that?!
DanceWithMe663: cuz shes a bitch!
AutumnSkys23: its not true by anymeans
DanceWithMe663: and i hate her
AutumnSkys23: IM UR FRIEND

DanceWithMe663: and shes mocking me
DanceWithMe663: thanks man
AutumnSkys23: lol what now bia?!
DanceWithMe663: lol
DanceWithMe663: ahh lauren im gonna move to ur closet
DanceWithMe663: lol
DanceWithMe663: i hate living here
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