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Today was very um... un-eventful. Yeah. I got some new bras and a thong if you cared to know haha. They're way sexy. And i got Lauren and Kristina's present. Hmm thats 4 down, 2 to go. Yay!

Tomorrow is the start of Tech. week. Woo *rolls eyes*. It's where we have to stay after school untill 8pm rehersing dances over and over... Oh joy. Yeah, i'd rather go to C&C...and i can't.

Dance Company try-outs for the 04-05 school year are in January. I still have no idea what i'm going to do. I have to talk to Militch about it. My parents are saying that the only way i can do Company next year is if i drop C&C, but that is just not an option to me. So, they said i can try out for Team, and do C&C (Because Team is a lot less time and money compared to Company)... But i dont know if i would make team. So i will probably do team and C&C or just C&C, since thats all my parents are supposidly letting me do. But the thing is, that company tryouts are in Jan. which is next month, and i dont want to not try out, and then my parents say oh yeah you can do company, OR try out, and then not be able to, because that would have been a spot that someone who wanted to be on company could have got. Who knows... not me. I want to talk to Militch about it, and i think i'm going to, but i dont want to put her on the spot or anything... *sigh*
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